Episode 016 – The 1 Billion Row Challenge With Mark Rendle

The Breakpoint Show
The Breakpoint Show
Episode 016 - The 1 Billion Row Challenge With Mark Rendle

Welcome to a groundbreaking episode of “The Breakpoint Show”! 🎙️ We’re thrilled to welcome our first-ever guest, the legendary Mark Rendle, to the studio. Together, we’re diving headfirst into the exhilarating world of the 1 Billion Row Challenge and unraveling the mysteries of .NET and C# performance in this epic competition.
The 1 Billion Row Challenge is not for the faint of heart—it’s a test of skill, ingenuity, and raw performance prowess. Join us as Mark delves into the intricacies of the challenge and discusses his strategies for tackling it head-on. From optimizing code and leveraging parallelism to fine-tuning floating-point calculations, he’ll leave no stone unturned in his quest for victory.
But that’s not all—we’ll also ask Mark for his advice on .NET and C# performance. With his wealth of experience and expertise, Mark will share invaluable insights, tips, and best practices for squeezing every last drop of performance out of your .NET applications. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting your coding journey, this is a masterclass you won’t want to miss.
Join us on “The Breakpoint Show” as we embark on a thrilling adventure into the heart of the 1 Billion Row Challenge and explore the cutting-edge world of .NET and C# performance with our special guest, Mark Rendle.
Don’t miss this historic episode of “The Breakpoint Show” – tune in now, and let’s conquer the 1 Billion Row Challenge together! 🚀

Show Notes

1 Billion Row Challenge Home Page

1Billion Row Challenge GitHub Repo

1 Billion Row Challenge – .NET Edition

Mark’s 1 Billion Row Challenge Solution Repo

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